2020-2021 Catalog 
    Dec 03, 2020  
2020-2021 Catalog

Degree & Certificate Types

 LSC Success - Learn, Succeed, Complete is the Lone Star College success and completion plan.  Embraced throughout the entire LSC community, it is our commitment to the success of every student. We are here to help students Learn, Succeed & Complete their goals to:

• Earn an Associate Degree or credit certificate (AA, AS, AAT, AAS).
• Earn a Career & Technical Education (CTE) credential and/or industry certification.
• Transfer to a four-year university with core curriculum completed.
• Complete coursework to improve career opportunities.

The LSC Success plan started with the launch of LSC Best Start in 2011. Designed as the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) of our ten-year SACS reaccreditation process, Best Start focused on four key actions to achieve success in college:

• Set a goal
• Make a plan
• Get connected
• Stay involved

Since then, LSC Success has dedicated re­sources to studying and revising the policies, procedures, processes and practices that will accelerate and support these actions. LSC Success is equally focused on removing any barriers that prevent students from making progress towards goal completion. As a re­sult, LSC Success is a well-researched and intentionally designed roadmap to significantly improve student success and credential com­pletion. Many aspects of our completion plan have been in place to varying degrees in the past, but all are now consistently implemented and fully integrated into the day to day oper­ations of every LSC campus location.

Since Best Start was launched, successive components are being phased in over several years. The current LSC Success phase includes:

  • Common mandatory new student orienta­tion
  • Required student success course for First Time in College (FTIC) students
  • Declared program of study in first year
  • Required academic plan (specific program curriculum pathway)
  • Required first term and continuous reme­diation
  • Required test preparation prior to place­ment testing
  • Workforce advisors for AAS and certificate students

Lone Star College is dedicated to increasing the number of students who complete a degree, earn a career certification or successfully trans­fer core curriculum credits to a four-year un­dergraduate program. LSC Success - Learn, Succeed, Complete is our plan to make sure goals become reality

Degree & Certificate Options

Choose the path to reach your goals!

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Applied Technology
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Prepares you for promotion and advancement into leadership positions within your field. Prepares you for pursuit of a master’s degree.

Associate of Arts

Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university or college as a junior with the intention of declaring a major in the liberal or fine arts (English, History, others).

  • Includes general education core courses common to Texas four-year universities, also called “the basics” or “core requirements.”
Associate of Arts in Teaching
Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university as a junior to work towards a degree that leads to initial Texas teacher certification.
Associate of Science

Prepares you to transfer to a Texas public university or college as a junior with the intention of majoring in the sciences (Math, Engineering, Biology Social/Behavioral Science, and others).

  • Includes general education core courses common to Texas four-year universities, also called “the basics” or “core requirements.”
Associate of Applied Science

A degree program for the student seeking technical career skills for work in a specific career.

  • Includes at least 15 credit hours of general education courses.
  • General Education courses will transfer. Degree may also transfer if there is an articulation agreement with one or more universities.
Occupational and Life Skills Associate

The Occupational and Life Skills Associate (OLSA) is a four-year comprehensive post-secondary education opportunity for students who have disabilities that affect executive functioning. The OLSA is designed to directly teach executive functioning strategies and social expectations to help students transition into successful careers.

  • Also includes courses to complete a Level 1 Certificate.


Prepares you to enter a specialized career field or upgrade your skills for job advancement. Most certificate awards are structured to allow you to move on to a higher-level certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Preparation to sit for a state or industry certification are included where it is required for the job or where an industry advisory board recommended as such.


Occupational Skills Certificate (OSC)

Prepares you to enter a high-demand career field with minimal training and is typically a pathway to a level 1 or level 2 certificate.

Level I or Level II Certificate

Prepares you for entry in a career field requiring up to 2 years of training and is typically a pathway to an AAS degree.

Enhanced Skills Certificate (ESC)

Pursued simultaneously with an AAS, prepares you for a career field with more specialized training.

Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)

Pursued after the completion of a related bachelor’s or associate degree, preparing you for a specialized career field.

Fast-Track Certificate, non-credit

Prepares a student for immediate job entry in a short period of time.