2020-2021 Catalog 
    Dec 03, 2020  
2020-2021 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN - BSN) Program

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is designed for Licensed Registered Nurses seeking to advance their professional qualifications.  Graduates of the program will have a broader understanding of the nursing profession and will bring that understanding to the practice of nursing in their places of employment.  Graduate will be prepared to assume leadership and management roles.  The program will prepare registered nurses to care for patients in a variety of settings, including acute, long-term care, community and public health clinics.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Synthesize knowledge from the disciplines of nursing, sciences, and humanities to address the health care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan in diverse and global health care systems and environments.

  2. Communicate effectively and work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams to provide care to individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations to design, manage, and deliver high quality and safe patient‐centered care.

  3. Acquire knowledge and apply management skills necessary to be effective and professional leaders through the delivery of socially, ethically, and financially responsible care while embracing the concept of life‐long learning.

  4. Engage in a systematic process incorporating clinical reasoning and evidence‐based practice outcomes as the basis for decision‐making and the delivery of safe comprehensive patient care.

  5. Utilize current research and the scientific process to collect and analyze physical, genetic, psychological, spiritual, socio‐economic, and environmental data related to patients and communities.

  6. Use technology and information systems to communicate, manage information, and support decision making to improve patient outcomes within the healthcare delivery system.

Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures outlined in the following sections of the catalog will apply to the student, except where specified by the BSN program.

Admission Requirements for BSN

  • Completed Lone Star College Application for Admission/Readmission, transcripts, forms, and satisfaction of the general institutional admission requirements.
  • Completed Lone Star College Supplemental Application for Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.
  • Completion of the Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited institution.
  • Core Complete + PSYC 2314
  • Valid TX RN Licensure, unencumbered
Demonstrate College-Level Readiness (TSI Compliance)
  • Completion of Associate of Applied Science in Nursing.
Transfer Credit
  • Regular Acceptance
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better in prior college level coursework.
Admission Decision Appeals
  • Exceptions of extenuating circumstances may be petitioned in writing, include supporting documentation, for consideration by the Executive Director of the RN-BSN Program
  • Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is competitive, based on such factors as GPA, completion of lower division coursework, and work history. Not all students who meet the minimum requirements stated above may be admitted into this program.
  • Lone Star College will accept and apply to the degree program Core Curriculum courses, Field of Study courses, and WECM Technical Specialty Courses as part of the lower division coursework of the baccalaureate degree.
  • Students wishing to apply other previously earned credit to this degree must submit requests for substitutions within the first semester of being enrolled in the RN-BSN program.

Requirements for BSN Degree Completion

Credit Hours in Residence
  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum 120 semester credit hours of transferable baccalaureate level education credits, of which at least 30 must be completed at Lone Star College.
  • Developmental or other non-credit coursework does not apply toward graduation requirements.
  • Completion of 32 credit hours in 3000 level courses or higher of which at least 26 hours must be completed at Lone Star College.
General Education Core Curriculum
  • Completion of the General Education Core Curriculum (42 credit hours).
GPA Requirement
  • Completion of all advanced-level (3000 or higher) coursework with a minimum of a “C” in each course.
  • All additional program requirements with a minimum average of “C” (2.0 GPA, based on a 4.0 scale).
Financial Obligations
  • Pay all debts to the College prior to graduation.


By completing the program, students will earn one award:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN - BSN)

[Program offered at LSC-Montgomery]

Prerequisite: Program admission; Completion of coursework and credit hours earned through qualifying Associate Degree in Nursing; Completion of Core Curriculum. (88 credit hours).

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 120