2016-2017 Summer Publication 
    May 23, 2024  
2016-2017 Summer Publication [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual Communication

The goal of the Visual Communication program is to create a stimulating learning environment for students where they can pursue their specific interest within six areas of professional study: graphic design, multimedia, web design, video and post production, motion graphics and 3-D animation. Courses emphasizing advertising design, publication design, interactive media and multimedia design prepare the students for professional practice within a designer/client relationship. These courses emphasize conceptual communication following the model of professional practice while seeking to explore innovative designs. Students earning a degree are introduced to graphic design as a means of visual communication, organization, and persuasion. As preparation for employment in a range of design disciplines, students gain an understanding of ideation, visual organization, typography, and production tools and technology, including their application and the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual information. Students learn to design and/or create graphics to meet specific needs such as packaging, logos, displays, websites, publications and various digital media and may work with sound, color, artwork, photography, software, and even animation to produce whatever the design project calls for.

Visual Communication programs are recognized by the Texas Workforce Investment Council as having curriculum that aligns with the national industry defined and industry recognized skills standards. Design services, publishing, advertising, public relations, computer systems design and related services contain areas of employment for the visual communication graduate. Students completing a degree are prepared for entry-level positions. Certificates structured to be completed in 2-3 semesters are also available within the areas of graphic design, multimedia, web design, video and post production, motion graphics and 3-D animation. These certificates are designed to provide a core understanding of the specific areas listed above without the need of other academics required in a degree. They may be beneficial for a working professional who wants or needs to update or expand their knowledge and skills to benefit their employment in the industry.

The general education core courses will transfer to a variety of universities.  Please see the department chair, faculty, or advisor for specific information.


Level II Certificate

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Enhanced Skills Certificate