Jan 20, 2019  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog


Chancellors Emeriti

Dr. Joe Airola, 1994

Richard Carpenter, 2014

Dr. John Pickelman, 2008

Vice Chancellors Emeriti

Ray Laughter, 2018

Dr. Nellie Thorogood, 2002

Associate Vice Chancellors Emeriti

Penny Westerfeld, 2014

Presidents Emeriti

W. W. Thorne, 1994

Deans Emeriti

Dr. Elizabeth Chapman, 2012

Professors Emeriti

Thelma Jones, 1994

Dr. Hulon Madeley, 2002

Marianne Malague, 2005

Ray Mollere, (awarded posthumously) 2005

Jean Whileyman, 2018

Trustees Emeriti

Elmer Beckendorf, 2002


LSCS Policy Manual

IV.B.5.1 Emeritus Designation

"Upon the Chancellor's recommendation, the Board may confer the "Emeritus" title upon retiring faculty, administrators, or staff to recognize significant contributions to the College through long and distinguished service in administration, teaching, support, or other service. ..."