2018-2019 Catalog 
    Dec 02, 2021  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CHEM 2389 - Academic Cooperative

3 Credits (1 hr. lec., 6 hrs. ext.) Integrates campus classroom/laboratory instruction with an off-campus experience wherein the student works under the guidance of a sponsor whose academic/professional degree and career track match the student’s aspirations. The sponsor and faculty will determine specific qualifications for student placement in this course. Student, faculty, and sponsor will set specific goals before initiating the cooperative experience and will consult at regular intervals over the semester to plan and mark progress as these goals are achieved. (4001015303) Prerequisite: Minimum GPA 3.0; faculty approval; 20 hours in MATH/Science courses as required of physical/biological science majors, including CHEM 1411  and CHEM 1412 . Liability insurance through LSCS insurer (fee approximately $18) and one semester’s advance notice to faculty are required in order to make arrangements for a suitable co-op experience.
Course Outcomes
1 - The student will establish a workplace profile appropriate for a professional in the chosen field. It will include a record of dependability and punctuality; the maintenance of a professional appearance and demeanor; respect for coworkers/customers/clients/patients; and awareness of, and respect for, legal, ethical, and confidentiality issues that may figure in the work he/she is being permitted to participate in or observe.
2 - The student will gain an understanding of the daily routine of the workplace and develop an appreciation for the roles of the professional staff who make it function. The student will demonstrate the ability to relate what he/she has learned in this regard both verbally and in written form.
3 - The student will gain a more thorough understanding of what is required to succeed in the field of his/her interest, and thus become better able to assess whether it is an appropriate career choice. Specifically, the student will be able to list both positive and negative aspects of the work with respect to his/her values and goals. The student will also be able to enumerate personal strengths and weaknesses that bear on the prospec for success in the chosen field.
4 - The student will, by virtue of coordination with faculty, sponsor, and coworkers, develop enhanced ability in setting goals, planning to accomplish those goals, and then documenting and reporting on what has been achieved. Doing this successfully will necessarily engage and enhance the student’s teamworking skills as well.
5 - The student will begin to accumulate a personal network of contacts, including faculty, career professionals, support staff, and other students who share his/her interests. Continuing to build and develop this network will enhance the student’s prospect for eventual success in the chosen field.
6 - The practical experience gained by a successful student in this Cooperative will place him/her at a competitive advantage in comparison with a student of similar ability who lacks the Cooperative experience.