2018-2019 Catalog 
    Oct 27, 2021  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ITSE 1332 - Introduction to Visual Basic.Net Programming

3 Credits (2 hrs. lec., 3 hrs. lab.) A study of Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) syntax including: data types, control structures, functions, syntax, and semantics of the language, classes, class relationships, and exception handling. Prerequisite: ITSE 1302   
Course Outcomes
1 - Implement Visual Basic.Net classes, objectives, and class relationships.
2 - Develop and write documented programs applying Object Oriented principles using Visual Basic.Net.
3 - Create member functions and demonstrate the use of Visual Basic.Net syntax and exception handling.
4 - Create appropriate documentation.
5 - Create a complete project using multiple files and database access.
6 - Create and debug a complete project with multiple forms and internal programming documentation.
7 - Create and use menus, submenus, dynamically growing menus, dialog boxes.
8 - Create programs that include decisions, looping and subprograms.
9 - Design, create and use a User Interface with forms, button boxes, scroll bars, labels, and graphics.
10 - Develop correct executable programs.
11 - Print simple output from visual basic.
12 - Utilize structured programming techniques.