2017-2018 Spring Publication 
    Oct 01, 2023  
2017-2018 Spring Publication [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL 2420 - Medical Microbiology

4 Credits (3 hrs. lec., 3 hrs. lab.) This course is designed for health science majors. This course is a study of microorganisms including a description of basic cell structure, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, reproduction and genetics. Mechanisms of transmission, microbial entry, pathogenesis, prophaylaxis, epidemiology and microbial control of selected human pathogens will be explored. Basic body defense mechanisms and immunological responses to pathological conditions will be examined. Laboratory exercises will include aseptic techniques, microscopy, culture techniques, determination of bacterial morphology, staining, and biochemical differentiation. This course is designed for allied health students. (2605035103) Prerequisite: College Level Readiness in Reading AND Writing; BIOL 1406  or BIOL 2401 ; MATH 0308 .