2019-2020 Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SRVY 1171 - Capstone Exam Prep

Credit Hours: 1
Contact Hours - Lab: 3
The review course incorporates concepts from all previous surveying and drafting courses and includes the application of knowledge and skills of all previous surveying courses. The course also serves as a review for students seeking to take the NSPS/ACSM Survey Technician Certification Exam.
Prerequisite: Departmental approval
Student Learning Outcomes
1 - Demonstrate knowledge of principles such as leveling, traversing, public land surveys, topographic surveys. 2 - Demonstration knowledge of care, cleaning and use of surveying tools and equipment; operate, check, and perform basic field adjustments on theodolites, total stations, data collectors, levels, compass, tribrachs, & tripods. 3 - Demonstrate knowledge of when to use, how to obtain, and how to interpret control point records and data sheets using horizontal and vertical control points. 4 - Be able to coordinate and supervise field work for a variety of standard types of surveys including knowledge of proper record keeping, timekeeping, and job expenses. 5 - Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of plan reading & preparation, general CAD applications, coordinate design elements obtained from professionals & format into final drawings 6 - Demonstrate basic knowledge of treatment practices for a variety of medical emergencies and have a general knowledge of traffic control and safety procedures for a variety of surveying & construction operations. 7 - Demonstrate knowledge of ethics & technical standards & organizations such as ALTA, NGS, ACSM, BLM, ASCE. Show responsibility in the profession in regards to attire, honesty, respect for personal property. 8 - Use hand or computer calculations, enter or check field data & the resulting positional information. 9 - Comprehensive knowledge of client contacts, dealing with the public and governmental agencies, field crew management, scheduling, equipment and supplies management. 10 - Having knowledge of on-site office operations, office work flow procedures, and field and office problem solving techniques. 11 - Evaluate personnel performance, perform basic budgeting and cost control. 12 - Knowledge of computer operating systems & peripheral computer equipment. 13 - Review how to inventory, evaluate, and specify computer software peripheral equipment & supplies.