2019-2020 Catalog 
    Oct 16, 2021  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Pilot Program


The Associate of Applied Science degree in Professional Pilot is designed to prepare the individual for a career as a commercial pilot with FAA certifications of Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor. The degree is awarded to students upon successful completion of a common core of general education courses and a preset selection of aviation classes closely mapped to the needs and demands of the aviation industry. The curriculum is sequenced with FAA ground and flight classes scheduled in the first semesters of program so a student is prepared for employment as a Certified Flight Instructor while completing the general education requirements for the degree and prepare for further FAA certifications necessary to fly commercial flight operations. The general education requirements provide the foundation for students who want to continue their education to a Bachelor degree.

The Commercial Pilot certificate is designed for degreed students who want to take the first step toward a career in Aviation. Only students who have already earned either an Associate degree or a Bachelor degree may enter the certificate program. However, certificate students may choose to apply credits earned in the Commercial Pilot Certificate to the Professional Pilot Associate of Applied Science degree. The level 1 certificate includes the course work and flight training needed to prepare for FAA check rides in pursuit of Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial certifications.

Students will enroll as a full-time student in a cohort group and progress through the curriculum in a preset block schedule. In addition to the general admission requirements of Lone Star College, the following requirement must be met for a student to enroll:

  1. Demonstrate college-level readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics, http://www.lonestar.edu/placement-testing-info.htm.
  2. Attend a mandatory, scheduled orientation session (dates TBA).
  3. Achieve and maintain required FAA medical certification during all semesters.
  4. Show proof of U.S. citizenship. (Students who are not US citizens must qualify for the FAA alien flight student program.)

Students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot or Professional Pilot AAS degree must pay liability insurance during all their semesters of study.  Fees for flight courses are exempt from the Hazelwood Act. Please see the website, www.lonestar.edu/aviation for updated information about flight course fees. All flight courses are subject to FAA rules and regulations (CFR Title 14). Possession of current FAA medical certification is required for all flight courses. Students must meet the requirements of Texas Success Initiative (TSI) (Compliant) to enroll in program. Student must attend mandatory, scheduled information and orientations session prior to enrollment and must be approved by department representatives to register in any AIRP course.

By completing the program, students will earn two awards:
  1. Professional Pilot, Level 1 Certificate
  2. Professional Pilot, AAS

Professional Pilot, Level 1 Certificate

[C1_PIT1 Certificate offered at LSC-Montgomery]

Total Credit Hours Required for Certificate: 34


1Students exempt from EDUC 1300 requirement will take SPCH 1315 - Public Speaking  

Level 1 Certificate Completed

Professional Pilot, AAS

[AAS_PILT Degree offered at LSC-Montgomery] 

Prequisite: Completion of Professional Pilot, Level 1 Certificate

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 60

AAS Completed