2019-2020 Catalog 
    Oct 16, 2021  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Process Technology Program


The Process Technology Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares graduates for entry-level careers as Process Technicians/Operators.  Courses within the program include

  • Introduction to Process Technology,
  • Process Equipment,
  • Process Instrumentation,
  • Safety, Health & Environment, Process Systems,
  • Quality, Process Operations, and
  • Process Troubleshooting. 

Through the use of state of the art simulation equipment, as well as hands-on applied technology training and general academic coursework, the student will develop the skills required to be a successful process technician/operator.

The Process Technology Certificate Level II leads to the Associate of Applied Science degree,  The duties of a process technician vary depending upon the industry with the primary responsibility of the Process Technician being to operate and maintain specialized equipment to ensure the process is running efficiently and safely.  Graduates possess the technical skills and knowledge to perform essential processes in petrochemical plants, refineries, power generation facilities, pharmaceutical plants, and food & beverage industries.

All Process Technology courses are taught at the Process Technology Center located at 14001 Lockwood Rd, Houston, TX 77044. Lone Star College’s Process Technology program is Endorsed by the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA).  Gainful employment can be found at www.PetroChemWorks.com.

Students must complete a satisfactory background check and drug test before acceptance into the PTAC 2438 Process Technology III - Operations course. 

In addition to the tuition and textbooks for the process technology courses, there are additional fees and expenses.  Students are required to purchase a Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Work Gloves (Nylon or Latex-coated), and Steel-toed or Composite-toed boots with a ¼ inch defined heel.

After the completion of the Process Technology Program, a student will:

  1. Apply critical thinking to research, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information to solve problems related to process equipment, instrumentation, systems, and operations within the petrochemical, refining, power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and related manufacturing industries.
  2. Demonstrate excellent communication skills (oral and written) to ensure optimal communication with shift co-workers, first line supervisors, maintenance personnel, safety personnel, contractors, and other members of the process site team.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of process technology and apply the technical skills necessary to operate complex process equipment and systems such as distillation, boiler, refrigeration, cooling tower, reactor, and similar unit operations.
  4. Describe the typical hazards found in process plants, basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the requirements of regulating bodies regarding safety, health, and environmental issues (OSHA, DOT, EPA, etc.).

By completing the program, students will earn two awards:

  1. Process Technology, Level 2 Certificate

Process Technology, Level 2 Certificate

[C2_PRC2 certificate offered at LSC-Kingwood]

Total Credit Hours Required for Certificate: 48


* The Student Success Course Requirement  is satisfied through successful completion of PTAC 1302.

Level 2 Certificate Completed

Process Technology, AAS

[AAS_PRCS offered at LSC-Kingwood]

Prequisite:  Completion of Process Technology, Level 2 Certificate

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 60

AAS Commpleted