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    Oct 16, 2021  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy Management Program

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Pharmacy technicians are paraprofessionals who work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to assist with activities that do not require the professional judgment of the pharmacist.  Pharmacy technicians assist with maintaining records, filling and dispensing routine prescriptions and medication orders, stocking supplies of patient care areas, maintaining inventories of drug supplies, preparing sterile compound products, accepting prescriptions and refill requests, and providing assistance to the customers and patients specific to the pharmacy practice setting. Exciting careers are available in traditional pharmacy settings, e.g. retail and hospital pharmacies, and non-traditional pharmacy settings, e.g. compounding and nuclear pharmacies.

The pharmacy technology certificate program is a three-semester cohort program that provides an excellent introduction to the pharmacy profession. Recruitment for the fall cohort program begins in the month of May for both the LSC North Harris and LSC Tomball Pharmacy Technology Certificate Cohort Programs.  Students typically begin the three -semester daytime program in August (fall) and complete the program by the summer; LSC North Harris completes by the end of June and LSC Tomball completes by mid-August. Because of the demand for the program, both North Harris and Tomball offer a spring cohort program. Recruitment for both campuses spring start programs begins during the month of November. LSC North Harris offers their spring-start cohort as an evening program that runs for 11-months starting mid-January and is completed by mid-December. LSC Tomball offers their spring-start cohort as a daytime fast-track program that starts in mid-January and is completed by the end of October.

The certificate program at both LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball is accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)/Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Commission (PTAC)

The Pharmacy Technology certificate prepares graduates for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE), administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), to become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT). Pharmacy technicians in the State of Texas are required to be certified by passing this examination within two years of obtaining their pharmacy technician trainee registration from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP).  The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) also requires certified pharmacy technicians to register with the Board as active certified technicians once they pass the PTCB exam. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) requires that a person performing pharmacy technician duties in a pharmacy, be registered by TSBP as either a pharmacy technician trainee or as a certified pharmacy technician. This requirement also includes students enrolled in the certificate program while they are doing “clinical” rotations in pharmacies. To register, the pharmacy technology student should visit TSBP’s link at tsbp.state.tx.us to complete an online application and pay the fee. Pharmacies must ensure that all pharmacy technician trainees complete the online registration process. Included with the registration process is the criminal background information, which requires submission of the applicant’s Social Security number and high school graduation information.  It is very important that a student must have a Social Security number in order to register for this process. The criminal background history must be clear of any felonies or controlled substance violations prior to enrollment in the pharmacy technology program.

Once an applicant has successfully completed all requirements of registration, and the TSBP has determined there are no grounds to refuse registration, the applicant will be issued a certificate that designates the student as a pharmacy technician trainee.   This certificate expires two years from the date of issuance and may not be renewed as a technician trainee. In order to maintain registration with the TSBP, a technician must pass the PTCE and change their registration from a trainee to an active certified technician.

Admission Criteria for the Certificate Program

Applicants must meet the program admission criteria and submit all documentation to the pharmacy technology office at either LSC-North Harris or LSC-Tomball. Contact an advisor at the appropriate college to determine eligibility and qualifications for the program prior to completing the application form.

Applicants to the certificate program must:

I. Contact the LSC-North Harris program advisor at 281.618.5727 or the LSC-Tomball program advisor at 281.351.3366 to determine eligibility and prerequisite requirements.

2. Provide evidence of college ready status according to the following:

a. Submit previous college and/or high school transcripts from all colleges/ universities attended;

b. Submit passing scores on the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) exam - (Accuplacer or COMPASS) as determined by LSC;

3. Applicants with completed applications will be contacted to schedule an interview.

4. Applicants will be notified by email, mail, or phone of the admission status. It is strongly recommended that application be made at least a month in advance of the semester for which the student would like to enroll.

5. Receive a high school diploma or GED before applying to the program.

6. Provide a copy of the TSBP-issued certificate and attach with the LSC-Pharmacy Technology application

7. Complete a drug screen prior to clinical affiliation if required by that facility or pharmacy. Students will be provided further information according to agency and/or college policy.

8. Complete the Hepatitis B immunization series prior to patient contact if required by clinical affiliates.

9. Provide a copy of the completed CPR Training for Health Care Professionals and attach to the LSC-Pharmacy Technology application

10. Have the minimum of a Cumulative 2.0 GPA

Upon admission to the program, students must have:

1. Recent verification of physical examination completed by a licensed physician. The program director will provide you with the LSC-Pharmacy Technology Physical Exam Form.

2. Verification of an updated immunization record. Agencies may also require recent TB skin test results, MMR immunity, and/ or varicella vaccine. The program director will provide you with the LSC-Pharmacy Technology Immunization Form.

3. Student liability insurance (paid when student registers for the first semester clinical PHRA 1361).

4. LSC North Harris students wear scrubs in different colors program patch, and school-approved name tag. LSC-Tomball students wear a white lab coat and black scrubs with the LSC Tomball Pharmacy Technology logo embroidered.

5. Each applicant is responsible for contacting the pharmacy technology office to confirm whether the application is complete. Additional information can be obtained from the pharmacy technology office at LSC-North Harris or LSC-Tomball.

Admission Criteria for the AAS Degree Program

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Pharmacy Management requires an additional year of course work.  The purpose of the program is to prepare graduates for managerial, supervisory and customer service type positions in hospital, community/ retail, and other pharmacy related industries. An Associate of Science degree in Pharmacy Management emphasizes the technician’s advanced career opportunities in the field. Further emphasis is placed on communications, sciences, health, analytical skills and decision making. The pharmacy courses for the AAS degree are offered at both LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball.

Applicants seeking admission to the AAS program must contact the LSC-North Harris program director at 281.618.5727 or the LSC-Tomball program advisor at 281.351.3366 to determine eligibility and prerequisite requirements.  Include official documentation of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) certificate, Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) active certified technician registration, and completion of the pharmacy technology certificate from an accredited institution.

Each candidate will be assessed on an individual basis by the program director to determine his or her eligibility before applying to the AAS degree program. Those who have not yet completed an accredited pharmacy technology program but have informal on-the-job training must contact the program director for PLA (Prior Learning Assessment).  A nominal fee is required for an assessment of the student’s previous work experience. Prior to graduation from the AAS degree program, students must complete Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.

By completing the program, students will earn two awards:

  1. Pharmacy Technology, Level 1 Certificate
  2. Pharmacy Management, AAS

[C1_PHR1 certificate offered at LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball]

Pharmacy Technology, Level 1 Certificate

[C1_PHR1 certificate offered at LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball]

Total Credit Hours Required for Certificate: 34

Level 1 Certificate Completed

Pharmacy Management, AAS

[AAS_PHRT degree offered at LSC-North Harris and LSC-Tomball]

Prerequisite:  Completion of Pharmacy Technology, Level 1 Certificate

Total Hours Required to Complete Degree: 60

AAS Completed